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Turn Your Spare Room Into A Relaxation Room


Thanks to budget cuts, terrorism and the speed of our digital age, everyone and their dog is getting more and more stressed out no matter what their job. You do not have to be head of a calamitous oil company to experience stress when even driving is something that demands a high level of patience and decorum that not everyone on the road takes into account when leaving on their horn at traffic lights. With stress being more present in our lives that ever before, we need to take more time to relax to keep ourselves reliably sane.

One way you can do this is to create haven in your own home where you can get away from it all and do some serious relaxing. By converting a spare room or just adapting your own bedroom you can be guaranteed to have a place where your stress will just drift away.

Sound proofing

The first and most important thing you need to do to turn your room into a relaxing place is to sound proof the walls. To do this you will either need to get some heavy insulation inserted in the walls, possibly replace single glazed windows with double or even triple glazed ones and get some sort of seal around your door. If you can not afford any of this, get some heavy drapes for your door and windows and cover your walls with either foam or egg boxes to help cut out as much outside noise as possible.


To get the feeling inside the room right you will want lots of cushions and soft furnishing to lie on. You may want to get some relaxation CD playing facilities and maybe even something like a dowsing pendulum and chakra jewelery to keep your mind focused on relaxing. Incense is another great item to use to create an atmosphere or ambiance that just inductive to relaxation.


Another good idea is to set some rules in your house that say when you are in that room that you should not be disturbed in any way. You can also set rules for when people are inside the room too. Taking shoes and jackets off should be one, but more importantly you should make a rule that states that no one is allowed to talk inside, or at least they should not be allowed to talk about anything like current affairs or family problems or anything like that which may cause or remind you of any stress.

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