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Does the IPL Auction Violate Human Ethics?


It is really unfortunate to see pictures of fellow sports men with tags on their collars. It is reminiscent of the days of slave trade. If one can draw parallels, the auction violates all ethical standards. The whole affair should be more polished. After all there are humans who are involved in the bidding process. Instead of having a buy out or an auction that resembles selling used furniture there should be more sensitization

of the player bidding process.

How can it become more sensitive and not remind us of our own gory past of slave trade and other negative aspects of our human culture. Instead of an auction they should have a selection of talented players. These players should be graded and their wages should be fixed as per the grades. This is precisely what the BCCI and other Official bodies do as well. They short list the players as per the merit of the players and choose them based on their performances. The grades are awarded based on seniority, merit etc.,

Imagine if one just attaches price, money back guarantee etc., on players. Is it ethical?, does it not remind us of our gory unearthly past of slavery and bigotry. There is gross violation of human rights and we people should not let a few money brokers engage the rest of humanity in an auction of any form.

We should awake and not let any unethical practice such as private ownership of players be practiced.

The game itself should be institutionalized. The players should be selected by BCCI and the IPL should itself be administered by either ECB, BCCI or the ACB. The wages should be paid to the players, but the process of selection should not be via an auction, but be via a proven performance cum merit system.

Source by Srinivasa Gopal


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