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Dating Tips! How to Make a Good Impression on Your Date!


Successful Dating tips.

Want to make a good impression on your first date, alleviate nerves and make a lasting impression for your second date opportunity?

Planning is the key to a successful first date, keep it simple, relaxed find out your dates interests, hobbies and favorite foods, imagine going to a steakhouse only to find out your date is vegetarian. Dare to be different, why not try the zoo, a picnic, over looking a beautiful sunset, visit a museum or art gallery, try a boat trip, a theme park or if your date enjoys sport a sporting match. Avoid noisy overcrowded bars and restaurants and movies, your first date is an opportunity to talk get to know your date.


Smile, be warm, open, pay compliments and have fun.
Repeat your date's name, it will be music to their ears. Be mysterious, no need to share your life story, keep a little for next time you meet.

Dress approably, not too sexy you'll give off the wrong message, smell good, with a hint of fragrance.
Ask questions, be interested and listen your date's answers.
Be confident and upbeat and act if even if you do not feel it.
Relax do not worry if this is 'Mr or Mrs Right', enjoy yourself be in the moment.
Eye contact, holding slightly longer than usual Promotes the feeling of a connection, its simple, sexy and effective.
Intelligent conversation, keep up to date with a current affairs, and papers.
Most importantly be the date you want to be with, make your date realize that meeting with you again would be a wise move.


Complain, negativity is a huge turn off, even the smallest negativity will make an impact.
Do not interrupt and talk over your date, this is a sign you are not interested in them.
Look over your dates shoulder, it will appear you are scanning the room for other potentials.
Weather talk or politics a definite no, no for obvious reasons, boring!
Never share war stories about the ex, it will appear as you have not let go.
Look bored or miserable, remember to smile and ask questions.
Flirt too much this will convey the wrong message.
Forget their name.
Be too eager, your date will run for the hills.

Remember dating is all about having fun! Reduce your expectations do not start to visualize your date as your future husband of wife, take things slowly, let chemistry happen naturally and over time.

Source by Samantha Jayne


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