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Nuclear Weapons and Terrorism – An Evil Mix


Some say that terrorists with nuclear weapons is not a matter of "if" but when, and that is enough to scare anyone. Perhaps, you'd like to learn a little more about just how serious this is. If so, let me recommend a very good book for you to read:

"Will Terrorists Go Nuclear?" by Brian Michael Jenkins; Prometheus Books (2008).

Mr. Jenkins, who also works with the RAND Corporation Think Tank, so he's pretty darn legitimate explores something most folks are not thinking about, and that is there is a huge difference between; Nuclear Terror "and Nuclear Terrorism or Nuclear Terrorists. You see, there are no actual nuclear terrorists today as far as we know, as no terrorist organization has a nuclear weapon (s). But that will certainly one day change.

Will a terrorist organization use such a nuclear weapon once they acquire one, well, this is also unknown, but it stands to reason that they would, especially if they could set one off in a major Western world City or even Tel Aviv, Israel. Now there can be nuclear terrorism even if a terrorist organization has no nuclear weapon, just the thought of that or such a group claiming to have one, is enough to terrorize folks.

Mr. Jenkins suggests that nuclear terrorism is already embedded in our minds and after 911, it seems rather believable, this is known by us and the terrorists. How would a group like Al Qaeda get a nuclear weapon, well what if Pakistan's government failed or was overthrown, it is known that Osama bin Laden's AlQaeda came very close to getting a nuclear weapon in 1990.

After the fall and breakup of Russia most everyone was concerned with all these Bio-Weapons scientists selling their knowledge and expertise to the highest bidder. A nuclear scenario along those lines is more than plausible and unfortunately all too real in the present period.

Lastly Mr. Brian Michael Jenkins reminds us that nuclear deterrent is a much stronger active, than it would be for a nation to use it now as an offensive weapon. I recommend this book for anyone who cares about our National Security, ports, borders or our war on terrorism. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow


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