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Mistakes Women Make Early in a Relationship – Critical Mistakes That Could Cause a Break Up


In a relationship, the main reason of a break up always relies on the mistakes of men or women. This article focuses on the mistakes women make early in a relationship. Remember, men and women leave relationships for different reasons. If your lover is not happy with you or keep saying some excuses on your relationship, then you must begin to find out what went wrong on your own before it is too late.

High expectation towards their partner

  • Women tend to have high expectation towards their partner in the beginning of the relationship.
  • They always hope if their partner can appreciate the feelings and their intention. It can be a small matter, but for women it is a something very close to their heart.
  • That’s the reason that women who cheats often do that with the men who shower them with attention and praise.

Try to Lay Blame on Men

  • Whenever woman does a mistake, they tend to blame on their man and this is a common thing. For example, if a woman cheats or having affair they will say things like- “It was your fault because you didn’t pay attention to me” or “I was lonely and needed someone to talk to.”
  • Usually, the best approach is to explain of their mistake of cheating or affair is to explain how much more and better her current husband or boyfriend is than the man she had the affair with.

Constant Arguing and Fights

  • Men tend to leave a relationship when they can’t make their women happy.
  • Woman sometimes argue and fight for even small matters which, makes the man feel they are not doing the right thing.
  • When women yet to change themselves, then it might end up their relationship in a dilemma of break up, since men could possible to give up and go with someone he feels he can make happy.

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