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L-Shaped Kitchen – A Space Friendly Affair


Are you a home maker? Do you want to get a stylish makeover of your kitchen? Are you really sick of cooking in the boundyards of your kitchen? Do you want to enjoy cooking while taking to other family members? Do not worry we have planned something unique for you. Yes the magical solution is an entirely different kitchen lay out that will allow you enjoying while cooking for your dear ones. So are you ready for it?

There are a number of variations available in the kitchen lay outs like- U shaped, Double-L Shaped, Corridor layout, L-shaped, Galley, G-Shaped, Island Kitchen and Single Wall Kitchen that help you make the most efficient and space friendly use of your workspace. Amongst all existing ones the L-shaped lay out is quiet proffered and adapted by the people. This shape is composed with two sides that are united at a single corner perpendicularly and form a shape like – "L".

An Introduction To L- Shape

It is very much suitable where you want entertainment to be mingled with cooking. To make your kitchen L- shaped you need to have just two adjacent walls placed on a corner. The shape permits a very less amount of traffic that can stroll in to the kitchen. You can place a separate sink at the corner and you can place the countertops between the cooking range and the refrigerator. Both are the rows are diagonal with each other so as to form L. It allows to make the working space in to a corner and thereby results in a large area free.

The Key Advantages of L-shaped Kitchens

This type of kitchen offers a lot of benefits and a few of them are enlisted as:

1. This allows you to keep the traffic out of the work triangle easily.
2. The design is very compact and space friendly.
3. You can place dining table and chairs behind the area that is pllying L.
4. Using this kitchen you can interact with the other persons, watch TV and play game as well.
5. It can work as an eat-in kitchen.
6. The kitchen allows you to not have a separate dining room in your house.
7. This shape takes a very small place and can also be combined with your dining.

As there are benefits associated with L shaped kitchens so the drawbacks are also here. The biggest shortcoming is that if the shape of the L becomes bigger then it results in to a larger area to walk on. An d the other issue can be with the corners that where to keep refrigerator, cooking range and where to install the sink?

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