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How To Get Over Your Boyfriend Fast – 3 Tips To Help You Move On Now!


It does not matter why you need to know how to get over your ex boyfriend fast, these 3 tips I've used, can and will help you to move on with your life, with greater ease and clarity from now on. Here, please take the time to read them carefully, and even more importantly, put them in action. Remember: For things to change, first you must change …

Tip # 1: Associate Your Ex Boyfriend With Something Disgusting That You Do not Even Want To Think About.

Sit down and remember one thing your ex boyfriend did that made you feel bad, or angry, or lousy, or even disgusted with him. Next, enhance that memory you have of him in your mind by:

  1. Making that image brighter
  2. Enlarging that image
  3. Bringing it closer to you

If you start to feel uncomfortable and even feel like squirming away from the image, this is a sure sign that this technique is working for you. Repeat this process at least 5 times until you feel sick and tired of thinking about your ex boyfriend. Yes, this is a clear sign that you are curing yourself from any obsessive behavior and are now successfully moving on …

Tip # 2: Start Creating A New Future For Yourself By Doing Something Fun And New.

An important step in how to get over your ex boyfriend fast is to create a new future for yourself – one that you can look forward to, so that you feel more willing to let go of the past that deep down inside, you know was not ' t truly working out well for you. One suggestion I have, is to visit a new place. If you are at a loss of where to go, just hop on a bus or a train that you have not taken before and see where it takes you. When it's time for you to go home, just catch the returning bus or train on the opposite side. Take this exercise another step further by eating or drinking something you've never tasted before. Let it be something that you would normally never think about eating or drinking. Savor this new experience. Keep saying to and reminding yourself:

  • "Today is a new day."
  • "I am allowing myself to create new experiences all by myself."
  • "See how well I'm doing."
  • "Good for me. I am my own new person now."

Tip # 3: Focus Your Attention On What Happening In This Moment Right Now.

How you feel is all about what you are focusing your attention on. If you are not consciously and intentionally using your mind to focus on a subject, it is free to wander and think about all sorts of things. Usually, this is not a bad thing. But if you really want to get over your ex boyfriend fast, you must take the effort to focus your mind intentionally. The easiest thing to focus on, that you can focus on at anytime, is what is happening around you right now. Look around you and let your eyes settle on the first object that you see. Observe its details. For example, look at its:

  • shape
  • texture
  • size
  • color
  • what is interesting about it?
  • what do you like about it?
  • what is funny about it?
  • how many colors are there?
  • how does it make me feel?

Be curious about one object at a time, and consciously shift your attention to another object nearby when you feel bored. Give special attention to items that are pleasing to you. The more interested you are in the present moment, the less interested you will be in your past and your future. Just focus on what is going on right now because all you have is to live right now. Have you used these three tips to successfully practice how to get over your ex boyfriend fast? I sincerely hope so.

Getting over someone who broke your heart is a process that gets easier once you make a decision to move on. Make a decision about what you want to do and things will fall into place for you. It happened for me and I know it can and will happen for you too. I wish you all the best in rediscovering love and happiness in your life.

Source by Joy Martin


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