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Having Relationships With Married Women


For many men, having relationships with married women is extremely desirable. Opinions why men feel this way vary but there are probably many factors that contribute to men being attracted to married women. Even though having an affair with a married woman is generally frowned upon in our society, it is becoming more loyal and views are beginning to change.

Our society seems to be more open about certain social issues and this includes infidelity. Having a relationship with a married women 30 years ago would have been viewed a heck of a lot more harshly than it is these days. Of course everyone has an opinion and there are still many people who have old fashion views but extramarital affairs are not seen as the ultimate sin that they once were. People are under much pressure these days and stress levels are at extreme levels. An affair can be seen as a outlet for someone and a way to get their life back in order. Many people have actually found that their current relationship with their spouse improves after an affair.

Even though there are many single men who have affairs with married women, it seems that married men are more drawn to married women. It could be because they feel a connection to someone who is also married and may feel that they understand them better. Maturity also plays a role and men feel that a married women is more mature and has been through the same things that they have.

Each situation is different and people will seek a relationship for many different reasons. Most of us probably believe that sex will be the main reason but there are also many other factors that will draw a man into a relationship with a married woman. Many of these factors are not physical but they are emotional. As we get older, our experiences will change the way we think and feel. Many times a marriage will start getting stale and a man will feel that he needs something to spark his love life and bring out the real man in him.

The decision to actually act on our impulses and to engage in an affair is obviously an individual choice. Every situation is unique and as stated, we all will be seeking different things in a relationship. We simply need to trust ourselves to make the right decision for ourselves and everyone involved.

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