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When to Take a Break From Your Marriage – Is Marriage Separation a Good Idea?


Whenever a couple is considering marriage separation there's a dark cloud looming on the horizon. That's the perception most of us have regarding the idea of ​​a trial separation. We view it as the beginning of the end of the marriage. It does not have to be that way at all. Many couples decide to separate because they just need some time apart to sort through what they're feeling. The reality is that if you take a break from your marriage you may actually be taking a serious step towards saving it.

If you're at the point now where you two are discussing when to take a break from your marriage consider your demeanor around your children. As much as we know that conflict affects children, not all couples face that reality. Instead, they continue to live together when they've become so hostile with one another that the children can actually see it. This just is not healthy for children. They do not need or want to be in an environment that is continuously filled with tension. If you and your spouse are having trouble covering up your disdain for each other, it's definitely time for a separation.

Affairs rock the very core of many stable marriages. Once the affair is discovered, it will completely change the relationship between the two partners. Taking time apart is almost always necessary to work through your own feelings regarding the infidelity. This is true regardless of which side of the equation you're on. Moving out of the family home may be warranted in this case so you have time and space to think things through clearly.

Another instance in which it may be advisable to take a break from your marriage is if you are really feeling taking for granted. This is sometimes the case once a couple has been married for several years. One partner just does not feel as though the other truly appreciates them anymore. They begin to resent their spouse and this leads to a whole host of difficult feelings. Taking a break from your spouse may show them that you're not willing to be neglected emotionally anymore.

Naturally you want to consider everyone's feelings when and if you do decide to go forward with a marriage separation. Keep things civil and keep the possibility of reconciliation open. Sometimes when you realize what you're on the brink of losing, everything takes on a new perspective. That may just be the case when you and your partner have some time apart.

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