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Make a Man Want You – How To Make Yourself Irresistible


Do you want to make a man want you, but you always lose his attention after a short time? Do you want him to really warn for you in a strong and loving way? Do you think you're unattractive and that that going to prevent you from making a man want you? Read on to find out how to make yourself utterly irresistible to the man you desire.

Getting a man to want you is not just about your looks. It plays a part, but not as big a part as you might believe. To start with, different guys like different types of girls. You just have to present yourself well to be ready for when the guy who likes your type appears. try to always look as good as possible, and add a happy and infectious grin.

Attracting Him

You are keen to be noticed, but be careful of how you do this. If you are by nature reserved and quiet, do not try to be loud and crazy. You want to attract a man who is calm and quiet, who wants to meet a girls he can have good discussions with.

If you try too much to stand out in the crowd, the guy you want will be missed. And the guys you do attract will be annoyed when they see that you were putting on an act.

Making Him Interested

You've now got his attention, now let him lean in to find out more. Do not get all excited because he's paying you some attention. To get a guy to want you, step back a bit and make him move towards you. Give small snippets about you, but do not tell him everything. When a man sees there is a lot to find out about a woman who's managed to pique his interest, he'll never get sick of finding out more about her. It can make him want you even more.

Be strong enough to refuse if he asks to see you again. This will make him curious and when you tell him you're exciting, he'll be impressed. Something else he did not know about you!

Know What's Happening In The World

Men like women who know what's going on in the world around them. If she knows what current in the news, this shows she's bright and interested in her surroundings.

Keep abreast of news and current affairs, as well as new books and movies. Then when you meet a great man, he'll see straight away that you're smart and interesting, and this will make him want you.

Be Independent

Women want to look after and spend time with the guy we love. We want to be with him all the time and can not even think about doing anything else. Why go shopping with your girlfriends when you can have lunch with him? Why go to visit your mom when you can be spending time with him? Why go to the gym when you can be with him instead?

Why? Because guys like women who are independent. If you have your own interests, he'll respect this and will be even keener to see you the next time you do meet up. Finding a good balance is the most successful way to make a guy want you. Get the balance right, and that man will be yours.

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