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Inter Services Intelligence Recruitment – Guide To Apply In ISI


Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is one of the three main intelligence quarters in Pakistan. It is a form of internal service in the country as well as the largest and the most powerful intelligence quarter within the government. Joining the Inter Services Intelligence sector of the government is open both to the armed forces and civilians. Civilians are usually recruited by the government and they are trained and test vigorously for the part.

Civilians who are recruited as part of the Inter Services Intelligence are considered part of the Ministry of Defense. This is because they have no background in military training and are therefore not qualified to serve as field agents for this particular sector of the government. Federal Public Services Commission also known as FPSC takes responsibility for the recruitment within Pakistan. FPSC gives out examinations to the military and civilians alike when it comes to the recruitment. They test them on their knowledge in English communication, current affairs, and different analytical abilities. The tests are to determine if these people are fit and suited to join a prestigious order in the government.

The test given out by FPSC determined whether the individual would proceed or not with the recruitment and the next level of examinations and tests. The candidates who passed the preliminary testing have their backgrounds check by ISI. If they are cleared and their backgrounds are positive the candidates now selected for an interview.

The recruitment of the Inter Services Intelligence only proceeds further judging after the interview. Having gone through the interview, successfully the candidates are now subjected to many different tests such as psychological examination, extreme fitness tests, and medical examinations. When the individual passes the tests, he is offered a spot at ISI. Upon his acceptance would then he be cleared for training. The candidate now attends the Inter Services Intelligence School to get ready for the new position he is about to take.

The recruitment for Inter Services Intelligence is not easy to deal with. Yet with the growing demand requiring intelligence services and for people who like to acquire that position in the government, the tests are well worth it. Men in the military including military women may have a different approach with the application just as civilians based their own with their military experiences. Many people want to become part of the ISI. Those who are determined enough to undergo and surpass the tests given could be more than suited and ready to take on the part.

So, if you are planning to join the ISI, make sure to prepare yourself with the series of test to attain your goal. It is always an honor serving your own country!

Source by Abhishek Agarwal


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