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Dating Advice and Seduction Tips


There are a lot of things men should know about women before they start dating them. You could have a shy guy who has never gone dating with a woman for years.

If you wish to jump into the dating bandwagon, you should do well to consider some dating advice.

o Carry yourself in good attire. It is time that your entire wardrobe gets a makeover. Your dating venture will be a complete disaster if you carry yourself shabbily.

o Hygiene and styling play a very important part when you go dating. For sure, a woman would not want to spend her evening with a man who has bad breath or poor hair styling techniques.

o Though, dating is a casual affair, you would do well to brush up your knowledge on current affairs. There should be a situation where you would be discussing current affairs, I am sure you would not want to be in a fix.

o Do not drive the fact to your woman that you can not live without drinks. This fact would have very few takers. You should do well to get this sorted and then go dating. This will also reflect on your behavior.

Seducing women is another piece of art. Remember, women get rarely seduced by how you look. The biggest winning point for seducing women is how you are. You are sure to carry your attitude up your sleeves and roll them when needed. You would not be able to seduce a woman by force. You can do it only if the woman wants to get seduced.

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