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Married Women Holding Onto Old Boyfriends – 5 Tips For Recommitting To Marriage


When a man and a woman marry, their intention is to faithfully up the maritime vows, come thick or thin. The vast majority of people who get married fully intend to keep their wedding vows, remaining true and faithful to their partners forever. And, in most cases, that is exactly what happens.

As time goes by, a great many husbands and wives are able to stick to this promise to their spouses and to themselves. However, over time some married people can be tempted to stray from remaining faithful. Some cheat out of boredom, while others do it because they are just not able to resist the temptation. Some never cheat but just think about it all of the time.

And, there are different types of cheating. Some infidelities are purely emotional in nature, while many others go well beyond the emotional stage and become very physical.

Often, it can all start through one of the spouses starting to reconnect with an old flame. If you are married woman who is flirting with an ex-boyfriend – or if you are a man married to a woman who you suspect of this type of behavior – you will want to nip it in the bud before things spin out of control.

Married women holding onto hold boyfriends face serious marital problems or they or their husbands take immediate action to recommit to their marriages. Here are 5 tips for helping the couple overcome this situation and rebuild your love again:

1. Find out how far the emotional or physical affair has gone:

Regardless of which part you play in the current situation, it is time for you to figure out how far the affair has developed. Is this just a bit of playful flirting or have things progressed to the point of emotional attachment? If the affair has gotten physical, was it just once or many times?

2. Decide what the connection to her old boyfriend means to her:

How important is this old boyfriend to the wife in the relationship? Is he somebody who she is seriously thinking about getting back together with? Or, is this more of a fling – a distraction to keep her from getting bored?

3. Think about the implications of whether this situation could go if left unchecked:

Where could this situation potentially go if things are not turned around fast? Could this be something that breaks up the marriage?

4. Start an honest dialogue with each other about the situation:

If you are married married woman or thinking about contacting old boyfriends but nothing has really happened yet, it may be okay to skip the step of dialogue and move on to # 5; dialogue could end up hurting things more than it helps things.

On the other hand, if you are a married man who is concerned about your marriage – or if you are the wife and things with your ex-boyfriend have gotten serious – the only way to honestly resolve this is to open up a dialogue about it . Avoid accusations but be honest about your feelings when you talk to each other.

5. Make a plan to reclaim the sanctity of your marriage:

Now, it is time to put your heads together and configure a plan to make your marriage what it once was – or even better. This will require courage and commitment on the part of both of you. But, the effort will be well-worth it.

Take these 5 tips into account as you recommit to your marriage and become a happy couple again.

Source by Robbie T. James


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