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Make Your Husband Want More Sex – Tips For Women in Sexless Marriages


Is it possible to make your husband want more sex? Many married women are hopeful that the answer to that question is “yes.” Unfortunately, a couple who was once very active sexually can find that part of their relationship changing to a point that sex rarely occurs. It’s frustrating if you’re a woman who still wants to be intimate with her husband only to have him come up with excuse after excuse for why he can’t or won’t make love. Unless your husband has been diagnosed with a medical condition that makes it impossible for him to be intimate, there really is no acceptable reason for the two of you not to be physical. If you’re unhappy with the frequency of lovemaking in your marriage, you need to get proactive and change it before it leads to more serious problems down the road.

In order to make your husband want more sex you first have to determine what is causing him to not want to make love right now. There are several common reasons for a man to lose interest in sex with his wife. Many women mistakenly jump to the conclusion that their husband is having an affair since he doesn’t want to be intimate. That’s rarely the case at all. In fact, many men who do cheat actually have more sex with their wife because they feel guilty so you can put that worry to rest. Your husband may be feeling overwhelmed with the stresses of life or perhaps he’s just not happy with his own body. Anything like this can have a detrimental effect on a couple’s sex life and can cause the man to pull back.

Sit down with your husband and have a frank discussion about the stress he’s feeling in his life. Don’t approach him in any way that would make him feel that you’re cornering him on the issue of intimacy. If you do this, he’ll likely retreat further into himself which will result in more distance between the two of you. Instead, tell him that you have noticed that he’s been under stress and that you’re available to be a sounding board. Let him vent. Sometimes that’s all that’s required for a man to start feeling calmer.

If you want to make your husband want more sex and you suspect that his reluctance to make love is tied to his current body image, there’s help for that too. Just as women sometimes feel uncomfortable addressing their weight, men are the same way. Instead of telling him that you believe he should lose some weight, work with him to make it happen. Explain to him that you think it’s time that you both started eating better and exercising. Then encourage him to take a walk with you each day or join the gym with you. Start cooking healthier meals together. Once you do this, you’ll notice a new bond being created between the two of you. It will bring you closer and intimacy will then only be a short step away.

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