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How to Get Over a Cheating Girlfriend Now


Most things in life take on a new meaning when we stop and think about them. Getting over a cheating girlfriend is no different. I'm going to take you through some questions and a little role-play designed to make step back from your current situation and see things from a new perspective – one that would change the way you feel about things right now:

Consider the following point:

  • If you were still in a relationship with your girlfriend, then she would be cheating on you and you would not know .

Is not that something to be glad about?

Now consider the following questions:

  • What if your girlfriend was cheating on you after being with you for one year, and you did not know?
  • And what if they cheating was taking place after 2 years of being together, and you had no clue?
  • What if after 5 years in a relationship your girlfriend was cheating?

All the above questions are really one and the same, with added time perspectives. The bottom line (or constant) however remains the same: it's the cheating girlfriend .

Now imagine the following scenario, in which – for the purpose of role play – you're going to be called Bob:

Your name is Bob and you feel pretty good about life. All is well: good job, good friends and best of all a great girlfriend. You have been in a relationship for 1 year, and things are getting pretty cozy. In walks Jose Gonzalez (this would be me). I walk up to you and say:

"You do not know who I am Bob, but I have some grave news for you. Your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Role-play over. Now ask yourself:

  1. How do you feel? (pretty bad I would imagine).
  2. Now imagine you were together with your girlfriend for 2 years, when you discovered she was cheating on you. How do you feel? (Worse?)
  3. Now make it 3 years. How do you feel? (Is it getting worse?)
  4. Now make it 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 …

It should be quite obvious by now that the longer this scenario goes on for, the worse it is for you. Consider also that the longer you are in a relationship, the more committed you tend to become (generally). With time, you become more intimate. You may have told the things that you would not say after one year, or 2, or 3. You may have even propositioned her, or hinted, or told that she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

How would you feel if after everything you told her you have found out she was cheating on you?

Now ask yourself, truly:

  1. Are not you glad that you discovered your girlfriend was cheating on you?
  2. Are not you glad that you found out, so that you could get out of your relationship, instead of continuing without knowing, and possibly making a fool of yourself?
  3. Are not you glad that you now have the time and space to improve on yourself, to spend time with your friends and to find someone who you could be in at the great relationship with, instead of being tied up in the relationship that was going nowhere?
  4. Is not it better that it ended when it did, rather than continue on for months and even years? Would not that have been a monumental waste of your time?

If Getting over a cheating girlfriend is your goal, then the answer to all the above questions should be a resounding YES!

Source by Jose M Gonzalez


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