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How to Compliment Your Mr Right?


Communication is the key to sex. It is not only essential to like a man, it is also essential to bring that point out to him. Adding flirtatious touch to your compliment can take you on a long way with your Prince Charming.

Before you begin conversation with the man of your dreams, you should find a suitable place to start the conversation. A local book store or a coffee shop can work the best for you. It would give an intimate place to talk about and you can maintain your privacy. To compliment your prince charming, you need to first start with an intelligent conversation. Guys hate dumb girls. Here, the prime most requirements are to exhibit your knowledge on any intelligent current affair, or a latest action movie, or any hobby that you cultivate. Once you are ready with the conversation, you need to add flirtatious touch to our conversation. Mix up your conversation with your charm, sex moves, bubbly laughter and facial and eye expressions.

If you belong to the category of shy girls and are looking at some flirting tips to start conversation and to compliment your guy, you need not worry. Build up a confident image of yourself in the mind of your prince charming. Tell him that what is in him that interests you. Describe the qualities in him that your admire. Once you tell him about how sexy he looks to you, you can easily tell him about your intentions. The man of your dreams is standing right in front of you. So, if you want to rock his world as well as yours, go and chat with him. Take him to the dance floor, make him dance with you and while dancing with him, slowly whisper in his ears the secret of why you are adding flirtatious touch in your moves with him.

Other tips to keep in mind while complimenting your guy:

  • Maintain eye contact with your guy and ensure that you are able to hold his attention and attract him in your engulfing talk
  • Be confident and display your intentions clearly
  • Communicate openly ad do not look worried or tense.
  • Be confident and comfortable about yourself.
  • Try to make the environment light once you have complimented him. Try to call him funny, roll your eyes on him, take his hand and walk through, wind at him and smile and laugh.

Finally, you should remember that apart from your engulfing talk and seemingly interesting gestures, a man is always interested in the looks of his partner, try to deck up yourself interesting outfit. Apply some make-up, put up your gloss, carry an attractive hand bag and give a complete look to yourself. Talk to him about anything that interests him. Chat with him and ask for his opinion on different issues. Make him laugh and try to kindle with him. Touch him when required through your hands, pat his back with your hands and make him feel your presence.

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