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Book Review – Fighting For GOD (Gold Oil And Drugs) – Jeremy Begin And Lauren Salk


The book "Fighting For GOD (Gold, Oil and Drugs)" written by Jeremy Begin, and illustrated by Lauren Salk, addresses many very important aspects of what it means to be an American today. This book is an excellent read, and quite a bargain at $ 9.95 US. It is not everyday that one gets valuable information like this served up in such a concise and entertaining manner.

Published on heavy paper in an illustrated magazine format, Fighting For GOD (Gold, Oil and Drugs) resembles some of the nicer specialty comics on the market, although what is contained within is not in the least bit comical. If this book was to be compared to any of the comic book genre I would classify it loosely within the horror realm, and it is even more horrible because it is true!

Fighting For GOD (Gold, Oil and Drugs) does an excellent job of illustrating why and how Americans have departed from a government by and for the people. It is actually an abbreviated history, highlighting the ultra-pertinent, yet secret history of our country. This abbreviated and easily absorbed form is certainly one of the strong points of the book, because it quickly illuminates patterns that have been intentionally smeared over, buried, by the enemies of America and their agents, for many years.

In a nutshell, "Fighting For GOD (Gold, Oil and Drugs)" written by Jeremy Begin, and illustrated by Lauren Salk, explains in no uncertain terms exactly how America has gotten to this police state of judicial decadence and economic debauchery. I assure you this: it was no accident.

Many astute observers have known about a secret cabal within the United States government for quite some time now, along with its origins, and how it infiltrated our government. Until recently though, this cabal of traitors had preferred to pull strings and manipulate our laws from behind the scenes. That changed radically on September 11th, 2001, and it was the event known as 911 which welcomed Americas secret history to the fore, large due to the numerous implausibilities manifest prior to, during, and after the event.

In other words, a lot of people started asking questions, because the official explanations just did not make any sense.

Fighting For GOD is an excellent distillation of answers to those questions, a compilation of factual events that led up to 911, beginning with the history of banking, and running through the event itself, into the subsequent surveillance state which has responded from it.

Mr. Begin does a wonderful job of stitching seemingly unrelated events into their proper order, and he does this repeatedly. That is a major cornerstone of this book in fact. By reading this short, informative, and well illustrated accounting, even the casual reader can see that things are not as they should be, here in what used to be the land of the free.

Source by William J. Gallagher


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