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Times of India – Review


The Times of India on every Wednesday held different shades of hopes for the job seekers and it has become literally a blessing in disguise for the working class. The supplement of the main newspapers gives us the insight into the real job world.It gives us the look into the opportunities in the job sector ranging from stewards to mangers. It is a complete boon for those who are seeking a job, be it a fresher or someone who is experienced and looking for either a change in his career field or is looking for a better paypacket. Previously there was no newspapers which were as complete as the 'Ascent'.

The alternative for the job seekers was purchasing or borrowing other newspapers content related to career but now such content is available in a complete package.This really means a lot to job seekers being it a job aspirant or an experienced because it avoids the cost for searching the job indirectly it can cut down the unnecessary transportation cost the job seekers may incur if they do not know the role and the qualification of the stated post, also it directly cuts the management of job aspirants since the role is well defined. A Newspaper which is also economic can reach the public is required at this moment and I certainly feel that 'Ascent' has completed this work successfully.

Needless to mention it is one of the leading newspaper in India and it has kept its reputation so.I feel such a newspaper is well required by the nation and such newspaper are a pride to the nation.The Times is not only a player in the job sector, it also is a newspaper in complete and includes a series of content right from politics to movies. However I personally feel that the Wednesday Ascent is a blessing in disguise for Indian job market.

Source by Naga Sunder


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