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Hate Crimses Book Review – Part 2


These acts occurred in 140 cities through 39 US states. Another statistic given was that the threat of being physically or sexually assailed is 4 to 10 times greater to people with developmental disabilities than for other adults. Many more statistics were scattered through the book which made his arguments stronger.

One major weakness of the book was that the reading was somewhat confusing because the author went back and forth between different viewpoints. Instead of completely explaining one side of the argument, he flip-flopped between both viewpoints without enough clarification. In addition, the author was redundant because he repeated many ideas and arguments over and over again. Therefore, the organization of this book was on major weakness.

This series of books (including this one on Hate Crimes) has been important resources for librarians, teachers and students for many years. Chapters are focused around several key questions and are answered with diverse opinions representing all points on the political spectrum. This book gives different opinions encountered in society. From this book people will begin to develop critical thinking skills. The strong statistical data in the book from many sources made this book more convincing.

In the last few years I have seen a few movies related to hate crimes. Schindler's List and American History X are two of the main ones that come to mind. Both validated the author's views on racism and anti-Semitism. The way the author described the KKK, Skinheads, and Nazis were similar to the movies. After reading an article in Quest Magazine (Volume 15 No. 3) called "Crimes Against People With Disabilities", the same statistical data (the threat of being physically or sexually asserted is 4 to 10 times greater for people with disabilities) was provided in that article and this book I have just read. This shows that the authors data is valid, accurate, and up to date. I also read an article from Street Spirit (March 2006) called "Epidemic of Hate Crimes Against Homeless People". The same example was also given in both this article and the book I read on Hate Crimes. This example was about a homeless man being beaten and left unconscious at a church in Fairfield, California. By finding the exact same example in two sources makes the author's view point valid.

Source by Rudy Haynes


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