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Water is a Global Crisis and Critical Challenge


Water is life and few can deny that here on Earth, without out the Earth Species simply do not do well at all, if the water goes so too does 90% of the species on this planet. I that, would like to recommend a very good book to you:

"Water; A Global Challenge" Journal of International Affairs from Columbia University – Spring / Summer Edition 2008.

This work is a compilation of 13 very insightful essays and reviewed reports on Water issues that humanity faces from nearly every continent. There is an essay that dispels the myth of the water wars of past periods and discusses how international water disputes generally are deal with. Each of the essays explains various crisis and how these challenges are currently being solved or how they are running ramped out of control.

The politics, economics, health and humanity of water is discussed, as well as future schemes of commoditizing water, and using price to control usage and conservation efforts. Learn about water issues in Australia, Middle East, Asia, Europe, United States, Bolivia, Andes Mountain Range and other places throughout the world.

Water is critical to humanities existence and the issues of scarcity, seasonality, droughts, flooding, pollution, cost are all very important components, which are brought to the forefront in this collection of works. The "Millennium Development" project is also discussed to bring everything into perspective to deal with this huge issue, as mega cities run out of water and billions of people attempt to survive with little if any fresh, safe and clean water.

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