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Real Time Traffic Intelligence Using GPS


Logistics companies send current location of their shipment, trucks back to an application server. Users and other corporate staff can now monitor the location of these shipments and trucks via an internet page. GPS devices that are used in public transport and private cars can also be made to send back location specific data to an information processing computer.

The benefits are awful. One may be able to get instantaneous information about roads and streets where traffic is heavy. One can also derive real time traffic intelligence. Using such traffic intelligence the Government may be able to construct alternate roads or close down existing streets etc.,

Personally a commuter can anticipate traffic problems such as pending dead locks on streets. One can also figure out speed violators by using existing GPS data.

The benefits of integrating information from all GPS processing devices mounted on public / private transport is intense. The most striking benefit is being able to derive guaranteed real time traffic intelligence. Such data can be used to study patterns in the locomotion of cars, which can also be used to track movements in restricted areas.

By deriving traffic intelligence (just as real time business intelligence) one may be able to gain valuable insights into why over crowding occurs on some traffic junctions, why some roads are being used more than the other etc. One may also be able to derive common causes of accidents. Most certainly using real time traffic intelligence will enable one to prevent accidents, over crowding of traffic junctions and will also assist in streaming traffic based on real time intelligence.

Source by Srinivasa Gopal


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