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Bluffing in Poker Game


When you are bluffing in poker online better make it to intelligent opponents than against bad players. The reasons are pretty evident and well known because when you are going to bluff bad players they are not going to fold, they will in turn make the situation costly by betting more. The next reason is that bad players do not pick up the information that you are actually trying to make visible to them when you are bluffing in poker online they simply miss on observing the information you wanted them to observe.

In general it is not a good idea when you play poker online to be showing your cards when you have bluffed. If you are going to be doing this, it will give free information about your playing style and the kind of cards that you choose to play. It can produce impressions about you that will be a big hurdle for your future plays.

For instance if you did bluff a player out of a pot by an end bet and then declare that you had nothing by turning over your card. In cases of future plays when you are playing an above than average hand than this player and you bet in the end, he still raises you because he thinks that you are bluffing like you did before. He might be bluffing or he might be really having a good hand. The reading of the opponent becomes very complex after you have showed him that you have bluffed in a similar situation before. So, make sure that you muck your hands rather than showing him what you have.

When you play poker online you should not make too quick or too late decisions. You need to have the same response time regardless of whether you are in a good position or in a bad position. Apart from timing the amount of money you put in to bet can also be a bluff or tell. If you are going to bet too high you might be sending signals that you are too strong and strong hands obviously need big calls. When you make things obvious with strong hands by monstrous bets you will win, but you are likely to loose substantial bets of others are certain that you are already in the pot winning. If your bet is going to be too small it will be very easy for the opponent to be calling.

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