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Rules of Dating For Men


I think, you are wondering to know how to meet your date for the first time and it might be your first experience in dating world. You are a great man and you should be acquainted with these things and try to be successful with women. You should know at least some dating rules before you enter this world of dating. These rules will help you to protect yourself from emotional state and to ensure the success. The woman you wanted to date may be quite familiar with the dating tips and may be trained from the day one in the arts of dating warfare. And they have emotional arsenal that you might never hope too match so be prepared to win the battle of dating. I am listing out some important rules you should follow to get success in this world.

o Look your best: Woman is looking for a date with some decent shoes & clothes. Get up should match you and the clothes should fit your body. So be look like at least you can take care yourself otherwise she would not believe that you can take care of her.

o Make yourself hygiene and stylish: You should keep your body in well manner and you may go to barbers & sort your hair out and get decent style if possible. That means try to be clean and smart date of your date.

o Sort out the job if you have: Women are willing to have her date with some ambition in life. Something is better than none so you should be sincere towards your work and make sure that you are going in the right way. If you have something to do at least you have to plan for that because only dating does not fulfill your life.

o Give up smoking now: If you want the relation to sustain for long time you should never smoke. If you're already a smoker, give up those things because that may ruin everything in your life and in dating relationship.

o Get your level of knowledge up: You should be at least up to date with the current affairs. You may realize that by reading the newspaper and watching the news. A woman will not appreciate you just in simple way so try to show current affairs. Traveling may also help you to get knowledge that may help you.

o Do not get drunk: Your date might not want you to be a drinker. You should not extol the virtues of drinking in bar often that never wins the heart if fair princes. If you are taking your lady for drinks it will be fine if you could manage to give the impressions.

o Be acquainted with sport: You should at least know something about sport and current issues in this field. If you are taking the dating seriously then ramming a subject of soccer or football games down your date throats will put them off in record time. Creativity and inspiration can make you attracted by millions of girls.

o Do not expect sex on a first dating: Do not make the theme of your dating on sex and never make it on your first date. It will no win the heart of your date; rather it ruins everything so wait for next few dating.

o Be a good listener: You should have to develop the habit of listening towards others. Your date may want to say something and if your mouth does not stop it may create a problem.

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