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How to Prepare For CLAT Exam


Many students who want to pursue a career in Law after class XII appear for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) for 5 year integrated BA LLB Courses. There first question is How to Prepare for CLAT? Here are some tips to prepare for CLAT Entrance Exam.

Understanding the Syllabus and Pattern of the Exam: Pattern of CLAT for Undergraduate Programme:

Total Marks: 200 Total Questions: 200 Subject Areas (Syllabus):

1. English including Comprehension: 40 Marks

2. General Knowledge/Current Affairs: 50 Marks

3. Elementary Mathematics: 20 Marks (Numerical ability)

4. Legal GK: 45 Marks (Pattern Changed for CLAT 2009 No Legal Reasoning will be there)

5. Logical Reasoning: 45 Marks

Steps to Prepare for CLAT:

1. Arrange some sample papers to know about the pattern and syllabus for the exam.

2. Start reading a good quality newspaper daily, to improve your vocabulary and reading speed.

3. Read a magazine like CSR or FRONTLINE to cover current happenings GK stuff.

4. Start putting in efforts for 3-4 hours to prepare other subjects.

5. Arrange some Previous Year Sample Papers for CLAT.

How to Prepare for Different Sections of CLAT:

Prepare for General Knowledge: You might have observed that GK carries 50 Marks (25%). It is very important to be well verse with GK. This is how:

1. Read some Good Newspaper like The Hindu.

2. Subscribe to a competitive Magazine like Competition Master or CSR.

3. Search the Internet for latest news.

4. Join a Law related website like CLAT Guru for latest updates on Legal GK.

5. Listen to News Everyday.

Prepare for Legal GK: Legal GK is one of the toughest parts and carries 45 Marks. There is no easy way but this may help:

1. Read all news about court cases and law.

2. Search the Internet for law news.

3. Think logically while reading news about how decisions are made by courts.

Prepare for Reasoning: Reasoning is an easy parts and carries 45 Marks. Follow these points to improve your skills

1. Buy a good book for reasoning topics.

2. Practice a lot.

3. Go through some sample questions.

4. Solve as many questions as you can in minimum possible time.

Prepare for English: English is an important part and carries 40 Marks. It should be taken seriously.

1. Buy a good book like High School Grammar by Wrenn and Martin.

2. Lay stress on Grammar and Reading.

3. Go through some sample questions.

4. Try to increase your reading speed.

Prepare for Math: Math carries minimum marks (40) but is required. Only practice can help you crack this.

1. Learn all the algebraic formulas.

2. Work on Commercial Math topics like percentage, profit and loss.

3. Avoid using calculator, it will increase your calculation speed.

4. Solve as may sample exercises as possible.

Source by Ajinder Kaur


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