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Should We Have an Open Border With Mexico – The Debate and Book Review


How much do you know about the dispute over illegal and legal immigration in the United States? Well, you might be interested in learning what is really going on behind the scenes, which is organizing the May Day Marches, who is trying to build fines on the border and which companies are making money by supporting or condemning immigration. If so, I have a great book recommendation for you;

"Let Them In; The Case for Open Borders," by Jason L. Riley; Gotham Books subsidiarity of Penguin Book Publishers, New York, NY (2008); 244 pages. ISBN: 978-1-592-403-49-3.

This book contains the "six common arguments against immigration and why they are wrong," and it is written by a member of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. For those who are extremely familiar with the topic of immigration, specifically "illegal immigration" you will not find any new arguments in this book. Rather, you will learn the politics and back-door policies, as to how these events have been shaped and publicized over the years.

Specifically, you'll learn who on the right, and left are behind the concept of border fines, deportation, and criminalizing illegal aliens, and who is for "path to citizenship" and robust worker programs. Most interesting is the research cited in this book, and all the hanky panky on both sides in bringing out debts on health care costs, government services, crime, drug wars, and terrorism scare tactics.

The debate is interesting, and although I did not learn much personally about any of the sound bytes or talking points, as they are quite common to anyone following this issue, I did find the politics quite fascinating as I bet you will too. So, please consider reading this book and then doing some deep thinking on the reality behind both illegal and legal immigration in this great nation of ours.

Source by Lance Winslow


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