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Improving Personality


A person can vastly improve the quality of their life with a few basic changes to their personality. Its not really so difficult to achieve either. Here are some ideas to adopt.

Start simple. Clear out the house or flat and bin old useless relics previously hoarded for years. Think of it as psychic cleansing. By clearing out the junk, a person is letting go of archaic rusty prejudices.

Read more literature about new topics, current affairs and amazing facts. The more information a person digests the more attractive they become, which provides greater scope to swap views, and share skills and wisdom.

Develop resourceful conversation skills. A person with something to contribute will appear experienced, caring and sociable. Nobody can perceive everything, so it’s profitable to discuss new subjects and ideas with others.

Have a definite opinion about topics. A person with something to say will appear animated and keen. Someone with the ability to expound contrasting notions will appear exciting, especially if they expand the minds of others. Everyone likes hearing of powerful new concepts.

Meet new people, especially those from different cultural backgrounds. A person gains a broader view of the world along with the ability to see things in a new light. It’s also a chance to experience fresh activities, cuisine, customs and beliefs.

Avoid imitating other characters. It never works. Every individual has a unique outlook and temperament, which makes people interesting. A false personification stands out a mile and lacks honesty.

Provide support when others need it. Everybody loves to have a cheery champion in their corner, to provide encouragement and advice.

Acquire a positive outlook. Nobody wants to associate with a whinger, grumbler or critic with nothing at all reassuring to say. Be upbeat and illuminate the room with energy. For instance, if faced with a boring chore don’t say:

“Let’s get it over with then.”

Instead animate the team with something like:

“Hey you guys, let get to it!”

Have integrity. A person that treats others with respect will (in theory) gain respect from others. No other trait improves personality more than respect.

Make people laugh and smile. Discover how to impart witty one-liners. A person that sees the quirky side of life, especially in down situations, will naturally appear attractive. Everyone loves a comic.

Become a good listener. A person that heeds others will always appear reliable, well disposed, reassuring, and therefore attractive.

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