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Appreciate The Advantages of Masturbation


There are many good reasons to enjoy masturbation (solo-sex). We masturbate because we were programmed to. Our genitals are meant to be stimulated for pleasure. Think about it … would not it be a cruel joke if we were not allowed to use our genitals for pleasure when they are able to give us pleasure? Why would God have made us one of the few living creatures who can enjoy sex for pleasure and not just for procreation?

And as one wag so cleverly put it – 'If God really didnt want us to masturbate, he would have put our genitals between our blades!'

We masturbate because we can do it well and usually guarantee an orgasm without having to divert time and energy looking after someone else's needs or pleasures. It can be quick, uncomplicated and you do not have to be nice to anyone other than yourself after it.

Men, in particular, report that they enjoy masturbating while looking at pornographic pictures or videos. There's that sense that 'I can have my way with this woman, with no recriminations. And that feels good! '

Please Note: Just be careful that you do not overdo the visuals and get addicted to it. One man came for therapy because he had to stop work three times a day and masturbate to the 'sex stuff' he'd found on the internet. His bad habit was severely interfering with his work output! Many women are very upset to learn that their man indulges in solo sex. They think he is fantasizing about someone else.

Masturbation allows us to practice and explore the "variety of music that our genital instruments can play". How can you expect a partner to know the best ways to turn you on and keep you aroused for maximum pleasure if you do not know how to? The feedback you get from self-stimulation can greatly enhance your lovemaking potential. In fact, Kinsey, the world's best known sexpert, found that people who masturbated early in life led more vivid lives that those who did not.

Laboratory studies have found, from such indicators as increased heart rate, changes in blood pressure and measurements of muscle tension, that for many men and women orgasms from self-stimulation are more intense that those from intercourse. This is probably because the solo performer is in complete control of their stimulation and not dependent on their partner's timing, changes in pressure, or movements. In solo-sex they know what sensations feel good and can give them accurate and immediate feedback in order to maximize orgasmic release.

Additional good reasons for masturbation include safety and the release of tension (The orgasmic effect can act like a sleeping pill without any side effects! .) And finally, always hold on to the thought that being able to give yourself an orgasm is true sexual independence!

Some of you who are revealing in the art of masturbation may ask if it is so good, then how come people have not given up intercourse? That's because partner sex can be so much more than just genital stimulation, intercourse and orgasm. When you have sex with a partner who is your soul-mate, who shares your beliefs and values, what you love deeply in your heart and with what you have shared good and bad times, then partner sex can take on a blissful and magical synergy that is impossible in solo sex.

Source by Janet M Hall


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