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Tips on How to Strengthen Your Brain


Our brain controls so many functions of our body coupled being the powerhouse of information.Few vital functions of our brain are motor control, visual processing, auditory processing, sensation and learning. Considering all the functions of our brain there is no second thought that it is the most vital organ of our body surrounding our heart. Apart from keeping it active by participating in physical and mental activities such as jogging and memory games.You can also make it active by doing the following:

1.Cultivate interest in something new.
Learning new things help one to strengthen his or her brain, there are many things you can learn, for example you can learn how to play a game, musical instruments, how to sing, how to dance etc,

2.Read a healthy material.
Reading interesting, educative and informative books or novels is another way by which you can strengthen your brain, reading pornography materials as well as watching pornography does not help our minds to function as they bought to.However, you should always endeavor to share what you read with someone because this will go a long way in helping you to exercise your brain.

3.Listen to news, current affairs, programs, documentary on your Radio and Television
this is good for your brain.

4.Try doing something with your right or left hand.
If you are left handed, try using your right hand to write or do something new with it
A right handed person can as well learn new thing with his or her left hand ..

5.Try to travel to a new place, visit somewhere new eg touristy places.

6.Get spiritual.
Being a member of a religious body also helps one to exercise his brain.There are many religions in the world today.All you need to do is to join any of them and take part in all their spiritual activities

Source by Barnabas Samuel


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