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Is My Wife Having an Affair? Be on the Look Out!


If you are wondering, "Is my wife having an affair?" then obviously your marriage is definitely not what it used to be. Unfortunately when marriages are not firing on all cylinders, the thoughts of affairs begin to arise to the forefront of the brain. Here are a few items to consider and be on the look out for in your marriages and wife's activities if you are pondering, is my wife having an affair.

  • Does your wife seem uneasy and tense when you arrive home early from work unannounced?
  • Does your wife protect and hide her phone as if it was as valuable as your first born child?
  • Is your wife always running last minute errands and arriving well past the hour?
  • Are your wife's friends looking and speaking to you differently?
  • Have you noticed several ATM cash with draws?
  • Has she taken a sudden interest in a social activity or hobby that entails evening meetings?
  • Has your wife recently begun a full body make over (diet, working out, change in hair style, new ward robe and pedicure) only to state that was part of her New Year Resolution?
  • Does your wife constantly encourage you to go hang out with the guys and set a weekly Guys Night Out?
  • Has your wife become more distant and engaged less in physical touch?

Obviously your answers to these questions are merely to raise the level of awareness in your marriage. So many times husband bury their heads in the sand when faced with the question of is my wife having an affair. Simple steps can be taken to reveal the truth honesty, integrity and trust of a marriage.

Source by Daniel Marks


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