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Emotional Affair Signs: 3 Signs That It Is Emotional Infidelity And Not Just Friendship


Times have changed between what is acceptable as far as friendships go between men and women and so it is harder to know emotional affirming signs. In the past, it was completely unacceptable and unheard of for married man or woman to be friends with another of the opposite sex.

It is certainly possible for a married person to have innocent friendships with a member of the opposite sex that their spouse is not friends with as well. Not every relationship between a man and woman equates to romance or sex.

Still if you are concerned that your spouse is having an emotional affair it is important to know what emotional affirming signs look like. You need to know what is the difference between an innocent friendship versus an intimate bond that crosses a line.

Sign # 1:

Your spouse is not upfront and open about their friend. If they have nothing to feel guilty about regarding their feelings for this person, they will have no problem telling you whenever they talk to them and even what they talked about. Meanwhile if you can not ever get a straight answer about how much they talk or what they are talking about, the friendship between your spouse and this other person may not be on the up and up.

Sign # 2:

Your spouse is spending a lot less time with you. On the one hand it is not necessary or even healthy for a married couple to spend every waking second together. On the other hand, if you noticed a huge decrease in the amount of time your spouse spends with you, there may be something going on with them. If suddenly your spouse is working a lot more than usual (when there is no urgent project) or hanging out with friends and co-workers a lot more than they used to and you are never included, it could mean that they are enjoying a close relationship with someone else. If the friendship was innocent, your spouse would have no problem with spending time with the two of you at the same time.

Sign # 3:

Your spouse is texting and calling and receiving a lot more texts and calls than they did before. They may be at home with you but their focus is on someone else – either they are texting, calling or on the computer with this other person so much that it interferees with the time you two spend together. The occasional marathon call with someone is one thing; suddenly spending a lot of time talking to someone else constantly is quite another. If a person is married they will not feel the need to spend so much time talking to another, unless they are missing that emotional connection with you – which is the key component of someone embarking on an emotional affair.

These are just three emotional affirming signs that can alert you as to wherever your spouse is involved in an innocent friendship versus an affair of the heart.

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Source by Becky Nelson


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