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Ending an Affair With a Coworker – How to Stop an Affair at Work


Ending an affair with a coworker is very hard because you see each other every day and you might even have to work with each other. The sooner you end your relationship, the less difficult it will be.

Affairs with a coworker are very common today because of different reasons. First, you spend at least 40 hours every week in your office. Second, coworkers share the same interests and passion especially on things related to their field.

Third, there are now a lot of female workers than before. Lastly, movies and TV shows somehow portray that a certain level of flirting is exciting and sexy.

An affair with a coworker is very complicated and will result to a big tragedy if you do not stop it immediately. Some people even consider of quitting their job or ask to be transferred just to end their office affair.

Here are tips in ending an affair with a coworker:


It is very important that you must decisive in ending your relationship. Think of the pros and cons. Understand that an affair is one of the most common reasons of divorce and a lot of families have been destroyed because of it.

Be Direct and Honest

Tell your coworker that you want to end your affair because it is wrong and you do not want to be a home-wrecker or that you do not want to risk your own family.

Avoid Him or Her

It is inevitable that you will see or maybe even talk to each other at work. But you should not be around with him if you do not have to. For instance, you should not go to lunch together or even with a group. Do not put yourself in a position that you will rekindle some of your memories and moments with each other. Your recovery will be much faster if you stay away from each other.

Cut all Communication

Not only you should stop seeing each other but you must also stop talking on the phone or texting or sending emails with. Delete his contact number and you should change yours too.

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